Nokia Windows tablet coming soon?

From phones to tablet - they want to create a complete user ecosystem.

Windows Phone Central got info that a big event is to be held in New York City on the 26-27 of September, and they are guessing that it could be a Nokia-branded Windows 8 tablet.

Traditionally, New York has been used by Nokia to hold the launches of their big ticket items – like the recently launched Lumia 1020 and the Lumia 920 before that. Following that logic, they will be using this venue to announce something big. A tablet perhaps?

Several prototypes of a Nokia-branded tablet, running Windows RT and sporting the Lumia design concept have been spotted around the internet.There’s even a benchmark that came out on GFXBench, where a ‘Qualcomm-powered device running Windows with Nokia device identification’ popped up in their listings. While this may not be a firm indication of anything, it adds fuel to the fire of a possible Lumia tablet by Nokia.  

The company is no stranger in developing tablets for consumers - remember the N800 and the 770 Internet tablet? There is also news of a canceled Windows RT-based tablet that was scrapped due to the change of focus to put in a full Windows 8 environment instead. Perhaps Nokia, who is a close partner with Microsoft, is now focusing on releasing its tablet to coincide with the Windows 8.1 launch?

We will keep you updated on the news as it develops.

[via WP Central]