No more HTC 'Beats'

Those HTC phones with 'Beats' branding might be the last of their kind as Dr.Dre's headphone firm moves to sever the partnership
TC Beats

Looks like the HTC partnership with Dr.Dre's 'Beats' headphones brand will soon be over. The latter is in talks to buyout the stakes in their joint-venture as their collaboration hasn't proven fruitful for Beats, says the Wall Street Journal.

Drop it like it's...not hot

The partnership seemed a great land for HTC, adding a cool factor that the Taiwanese company needed in its bid to stay competitive with archrival Samsung. It was assumed that the Beats branding would help raise HTC's profile in the US market, but obviously it wasn't working out - when push comes to shove, a HTC phone with Beats doesn't make it a 'must buy'. Having a HTC phone wouldn't motivate buyers to plonk up the serious money to buy Beats headphones and the branding didn't exactly set HTC phone sales on fire.

As relationships go, this tie up was a flash in the pan to begin with.

[Source: WSJ]