No Apple Watch? It’s okay, the Pebble is already available, now with three new colours

Wear it, flaunt it and show your loud, fun and quirky geek side
No Apple Watch? It’s okay, the Pebble is already available, now with three new c

Wipe that sad look on your face just because you heard the Apple Watch isn’t available till 2015. You do know there are other smartwatches, like the Pebble that defined the smartwatch genre?

And now, you get to jazz up your geek wear, or whatever you can rummage from your wardrobe with a new range of Pebble watches. The limited edition collection, exclusively available in Singapore and Hong Kong, is available from 18 September. Everything stays the same, from its specs to the S$249 price. The apparent difference would be the Fresh, Hot and Fly colours. That’s Fresh Green, Hot Pink and Fly Blue.

It's so exclusive, only these retail stores carry the new colours:

  • Challenger
  • Courts
  • Connect IT
  • DG Lifestyle
  • Digital Style
  • Decibel @ Sim Lim Square
  • EpiCentre
  • EpiLife
  • Nubox
  • Sprint Cass @ Changi Airport

The aesthetic changes go deeper, with new watchfaces to complement each colour. But of course, you know that there are more watchfaces and apps from the Pebble app store.

Plus, the Pebble watch doesn’t discriminate, it works fine for both iOS and Android devices. Just a little something to consider before you get that Apple Watch or any Android Wear watches locked to their respective ecosystems.

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But hey, if plastic or loud colours ain’t your thing, there’s the all-metal Pebble Steel that’s cool to the touch. You’ll just have to pay a tad more, like S$359 in total, to get the latest Pebble smartwatch

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