This NLB Mobile app lets you scan and borrow books with your smartphone

Tech wizardy lets you borrow good old physical books from your friendly neighbourhood library
This NLB Mobile app lets you scan and borrow books with your smartphone

Remember the hassle you had to go through just to loan a handful of books from the National Library Board (NLB)? That too with a library card? We’re guessing a bunch of you are nodding your heads in agreement.

Well, not anymore. The NLB’s created a new operating system, myLibrary, that will replace its existing infrastructure and make all library transactions seamless for its users.

How will it benefit you, you ask? It works almost the same way as the current computer system but has an additional functionality – it uses a new mobile app, NLB Mobile, to enable you to borrow books using your mobile device. You just need a smartphone or tablet with Wi-Fi or a 3G connection.

Yes, even though the NLB promotes the traditional school of reading hard copy books, it’s taken a step to embrace and adopt new technology and translate it to the basic purpose of its existence; so who says print is dead?

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What NLB Mobile will do, is let you use your mobile device to borrow books off the shelves without having to head to a book borrowing station. All you need to do is simply use the app and scan the barcode of the book to check it out. 

In addition, it suggests books to you based on your past loans and ohysical location, and it allows you to access your account on the go, so you’ll have information like the availability of titles at library branches, due dates at your fingertips (handy to avoid those fines), as well as the ability to renew titles. You can also access to multiple accounts, so if you’re a parent, you’ll be able to borrow books for your children all at once.

You can download the NLB Mobile app from the Google Play Store or from the Apple App Store now. 

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