The next Apple iPhone might have a killer “Force Touch” screen

Leaks circulate of the alleged iPhone 6s, speculating its screen and memory specs
The next Apple iPhone might have a killer “Force Touch” screen

It’s literally been months since the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus made their grand debut, but already, rumours and speculations are underway of the smartphones’ successor. By the looks of it, Apple may be planning something big for its next smartphone release.

According to TechNews Taiwan, Apple’s great ideas include implementing the “Force Touch” technology found on its Apple Watch on the screens of the next-gen smartphones. Since it calls it the “most significant new sensing capability since Multi-Touch”, there’s a possibility that the i-device maker will extend it on to the next iPhone.

However, there might be limitations – for one, the screens Apple utilises for its current iPhone line-up might not support this function that differentiates between a light tap and a deep press, unless they get installed with flexible displays (meaning the screen will be more durable and have different physical properties).

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Sources also elude that Apple’s set to pack the device with 2GB of RAM (which is an upgrade from the current 1GB found in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus) and use LPDDR4 chips instead of the LPDDR3 ones. What this means for you, is twice the bandwidth of LPDDR3, while maintaining the same amount of power consumption.    

There’s no real evidence that either of these features will make it on the next iPhone and we’re skeptical that these rumours (especially that of the “force Touch” screen technology) will see the light of day.

But it’s too soon to come up with conclusions, and in the case of Apple, one can never be too sure what’s behind their closed doors especially since there’s also talk of it having a glasses-free 3D display and a weird “two-lens system” camera

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