The new Tankbot fetches your slippers faster than your dog

Jimu Robots' WALL-E lookalike makes building and programming a robot child's play

Robots flood toy store shelves, but this one not only keeps the kids busy, but teach them a thing or two about science as well.

Jimu Robot’s new Tankbot is STEM focused (that's Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), which are explored through understanding the physics, electronics, sensors, motors, geometry, creation and many other concepts that make up the Tankbot. It’s definitely an exciting way to get the kids interested in these topics, and will provide plenty to talk about and discover within the family.

This is also the first Jimu Robot to run on tank-like threads, hence its name, which allows for superb mobility. It even features sensors that help it to detect objects to pick up or avoid. The Tankbot isn’t limited to its Wall-E-like appearance either; its interactive building block system works a bit like LEGO, so you can pretty much build the robot you want. 

Tankbot comes with an app that allows you to choose a number of pre-programmed actions to carry out and even provides basic coding so you can programme your own actions to get Tankbot to do just about anything you want, like bring you a drink. Alternatively,  there’s an in-app controller you can use to remotely control the robot and wreak havoc around the house - abit like Sphero’s BB-8,

At S$219, it’s a pretty high price to pay, but we say interactive learning is always worth paying more for than repetitive action figures and cuddly toys. The Tankbot and other similar Jimu Robots are available now at major Singapore retailers like Robinsons, Courts, TANGS, nubox and Popular.