The new Nokia phone isn't a smartphone

The brand is returning to its roots with a feature phone

HMD Global, the people who now have the licensing for the Nokia brand just announced its first Nokia-branded phone.

It's not the smartphone some of us have been waiting for, but it's par for the course for Nokia.

Feature phones won't go away

The reality is that not everyone wants or needs a smartphone. Feature phones are still useful for people who want a second phone or just want something simple minus all the bells and whistles.

What has Nokia launched right now? The Nokia 150 and the dual SIM version of the phone. It has a polycarbonate shell with colour that's scratch-resistant, built-in FM radio, MP3 playback, flashlight and a 2.4in display.

The battery lasts up to 22 hours with standby times of 31 days for the single SIM version and a slightly shorter 25 days for the dual SIM. Charging is via a microUSB port, no proprietary cables here.

Here's a nice throwback to nostalgia: the classic Snake Xenzia and Nitro Racing games are also included. No fancy camera here but it does come with an LED flash. It comes in either black or white and costs a mere US$26 (S$40).

Expect it soon by the first quarter of 2017 and the new Nokia Android phones? Expect a peek once CES comes around.

[Source:Nokia via Engadget]