New Dyson Hard vacuum will make mops obsolete... maybe

Dyson's suggestively named vacuum cleans grime and stains without the need for wringing a mop head

If vacuuming then mopping can be such a chore, why not do it both at the same time? Dyson's new Hard (no sniggering please), or DC57, does exactly that and would be a godsend to all lazy housecleaners out there.


How the Dyson Hard vacuums and "mops" is actually pretty simple. It utilises what essentially is a wet wipe attached to the vacuum head. The vacuum head is no ordinary design though, as it has dual suction channels that are located on the top and bottom of where the wipe is attached so that dust and debris will be sucked in while the wipe picks up wheatever grime and stains are on the floor. As the wipes are disposable, you'll have to get a new pack on occasion and they go for a good RM45 for a pack of 12. However Dyson did mention that generic wipes can also be attached, though Dyson's own wipes do come in two formulations, one for wood and the other for normal tiles. 

The Hard does have some limitations though. With a 15 minute operating time on normal and 6 minutes on max mode, there might not be enough juice in the vacuum to clean up the entire house. Also it's not really a true mop in a sense that it is still a normal vacuum and is not able to suction liqiud in. So don't expect it to clean up any major spills or you're likely to end up with a damaged vacuum cleaner.

Major suction

The Hard isn't the only vacuum that Dyson has launched. Dyson's new DC48 ball vacuum cleaner is the smallest ball vacuum they have to date and literally the quietest they’ve got; which means your pets won’t freak out every time you want to get cookie crumbs off the carpet. How it does this is that the motor's orientation is now placed horizontally in the ball and the airways have been simplified to smoothen airflow by funneling the turbulent air downwards to take the edge off the noise while at work. It also sports the the low center of gravity and high maneuverability of the previous models with improved turbinehead floortools that gets deeper into carpets and lets less dust escape back to the floor. 

The DC48 is available for $1,099 and the DC57 is available for $759 and it comes with Dyson wipes. The wipes are sold separately are $9.90 for a pack of 12.