Never bust your data when you stream Spotify using Singtel Music

Besides Spotify, Kkbox, Amped and Mediacorp's MeRadio apps are also covered under the free data streaming service

Now's as good a time as any to be a Singtel customer. Especially if you stream music off your mobile data with wild abandonment.

Starting from today, Singtel users can sign up for a new value added service dubbed Singtel Music. If you're willing to stick with Singtel for a year, you get to subscribe to either Spotify, Kkbox or Amped for S$7.90 per month (S$9.90 if you don't want to be bound by a one-year contract).

But choose wisely, because that S$7.90 only gives you one music service. So if you want both Spotify and Kkbox, you'll have to fork out twice the amount.

For any music service, streaming at the highest quality means you're burning through your data, possibly costing you more than S$7.90 to pay for the excess data usage. Not if you're signed up with Singtel Music. Any data used on these music streaming apps will not be counted into your monthly limit.

If you think about it, that means you get to push your Spotify streaming quality to the highest level. You get high fidelity audio playback, minus the worry of wiping out your data bundle for the month.

You don't even need to download and have your playlist take up precious space in your 16GB iPhone. Just do unlimited streaming and you can save the space for more important things like your selfies, games and apps.

On the pricing front, Singtel Music costs less if you're signed up for a year. At S$7.90, you'll save up to S$24 in a year, compared to a monthly S$9.90 subscription to Spotify Premium for the same duration.

Then, there's the bonus free streaming of local radio stations via MeRadio, so anything under Mediacorp's radio network such as Class 95 and Lush 99.5 won't cost you dearly on the data front.

Word of caution for existing users, remember to cancel your subscription (not your account) before you sign up for Singtel Music. If not, you'll end up with two billings, one with the app and the other through Singtel's billing department. 

To subscribe, visit the Singtel Music website.