The Nanu app lets you make free (yes, free) mobile calls

The best part is, you don’t need 3G/4G/Wi-Fi environments for it to work
The Nanu app lets you make free (yes, free) mobile calls

There’s now an app that lets you make mobile calls for free, and it’s made by a Singaporean start-up named Gentay Communications.

Before you roll your eyes and dismiss the idea because you already own accounts from the likes of Skype, Viber or FaceTime, hear us out. This app lets you make calls to anyone and anywhere without the need for 3G/4G/Wi-Fi environments – meaning it even works on 2G.

The app also lets you make calls to non-Nanu users, such as landlines. But there’s a catch for this to work – ads. Nanu plays a short advert over the ringtone as you wait for the call to be picked up (which is how the cost of your call gets subsidised). It’s hardly a cause of concern if you keep in mind that the call is actually free.  

This actually opens up the world of possibilities for anyone; because it utilises proprietary ultra low VoIP technology that enables people from cities, rural areas, or even developing markets with access to free calls regardless of the network provider they’re with.

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Bye-bye mobile bills

The Nanu app lets you make free (yes, free) mobile calls
The Nanu app lets you make free (yes, free) mobile calls

Nanu founder and CEO, Martin Nygate, said the company’s on a mission to eradicate phone bills in addition to offering people with free calls.

“Existing apps have two major problems – they aren’t very reliable in a poor cellular network environment and [the other] is that you can only call app-to-app for free. Telcos have been exploiting this for years by charging high roaming charges,” he mentioned.

Since the app’s still in its early stages, there will only be 15 free minutes worth of credit for calls to non-Nanu users for the first million that download the app. The calls can be made to 41 countries (for now), including the US and the UK. On the other hand, the free calls to mobile phones will work only for Singapore, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Spain, India, Israel, Thailand, and the US.

Nygate expects the number of free minutes and list of countries to grow with pickup of the app.

Nanu’s now available on Android, but has revealed plans to extend the rollout to iPhones and other OS platforms by the end of this year. It is also working on creating a similar version for Mac and Windows.

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