This mysterious map shows all the taxis available in Singapore right now

Wondering why you can’t seem to get a taxi in the West? Here’s your answer

A mysterious live heatmap claiming to show all the available taxis in Singapore is making its rounds on Facebook.

Unfortunately, that’s all it does, passively displaying where all the taxis have disappeared to and the number of them available. Much like Harry Potter’s Marauder Map, it gives you some insight as to where the cabs are currently concentrated in Singapore, so you know whether to give up and go the Uber/GrabCar route instead. 

People in the North and West, it looks like you’re out of luck if you’re trying to get a cab after work for the taxis seem to have congregated in the East (most probably Changi Airport) in a massive burning heatspot. You can zoom in and out and drag to move around the map to see which terminal they're camping at (or figure out where the best eating spots are at by checking out where all the taxis are huddled at lunchtime).

The heatmap is updated every minute and you can check it out for yourself here. From the URL, this looks like one Joseph T’s university project.