MyRepublic wants to give you 12 months of unlimited data for free

For that to happen, its bid to be the fourth telco has to be successful, on top of other caveats

Look here, because MyRepublic just made an impressive promise to its current broadband subscribers. Should the internet service provider successfully become the fourth telco in Singapore, the company will give its loyal subscribers 12 months of unlimited data.

Yes. Unlimited data. Absolutely free for a year. Let that sink in for a moment before we deliver the terms and conditions.

First, only subscribers who sign up with MyRepublic before 30 September and stick with the company until its mobile service is launched will qualify for this offer.

Second, you’ll need to be “on a specific 24-month MyRepublic Mobile unlimited local data plan”. Essentially, you’re getting a year’s free of mobile unlimited data, and pay for the remaining year during your two-year contract.

So how much will MyRepublic’s unlimited mobile data plan cost? On its website, MyRepublic states that “the details and monthly subscription price of the specific 24-month unlimited data mobile plan that this offer applies to will be determined at a future date”. You’ll have to cross your fingers and hope the monthly subscription isn’t in the hundred dollar range.

Lastly, MyRepublic’s very clear on the fact that it is not obliged to uphold this offer “in the event that MyRepublic does not submit a bid or the Singapore mobile licence is not awarded to MyRepublic”. Which is fair game, since this condition was spelt out from the very beginning.

In other MyRepublic news

Then, there’s the matter of when it’ll start its first mobility trial. Starting from 22 October, trial participants can expect outdoor mobile coverage across a number of blocks in the Jurong East area, specifically the map area in blue. MyRepublic will also include additional coverage at the Jurong East Bus Interchange and Jurong East MRT station by November 2015.

Trial participants need not worry about any data limit. On top of that, the telco-applicant is also issuing a smartphone to the 500 trial participants. Plus, they'll get to keep the smartphone if they complete a list of tasks within eight weeks. A MyRepublic spokesperson confirmed that the tasks are short and simple, which includes a tour of the outdoor coverage area, watching videos for a number of times or posting on social media.

To sign up for the trial

First, go to MyRepublic's website and submit your details. Following which, MyRepublic will send a questionnaire. Answer it truthfully, because that'll determine if you are the chosen one.

Again, like the 12-month free mobile data promise, there are a few caveats to note with the trial. You’ll need to submit a S$50 deposit, which will be refunded at the end of the trial.

Also, it’s advised that you use the provided Xiaomi Mi 4i (subjected to change) during the trial phase as the SIM card might not be compatible with all phones.

But on the bright side, MyRepublic has confirmed that trial participants can create Wi-Fi hotspots using MyRepublic’s test network. This means you can connect other mobile devices to the MyRepublic network via Wi-Fi. In fact, doing so will be a favour to the provider as it’ll stress test the network’s capabilties even further.

All set? Then sign up for the trial and cross your fingers.