MyRepublic might give you unlimited data for S$60 per month

First, MyRepublic has to be successful in becoming the fourth telco

If you've been rubbing the lamp to wish for affordable unlimited mobile data, the genie might grant you that wish through MyRepublic.

The internet service provider has been harping about bringing back the good old days of 12GB data bundles without paying through your nose for it. So now, it has thrown the gauntlet at the incumbent telcos. If they successfully become the fourth telco in Singapore, it'll give users unlimited data from S$60.

Remember, the first caveat is that MyRepublic must become the fourth telco. So this announcement is really a registration of interest, and you'll be notified if the plan does kick in when they've won the bid. Also, the S$60 offer is meant for existing MyRepublic users. If you aren't, fret not, you can still get unlimited data for S$80.

In comparison, Singtel, StarHub and M1 are currently giving users 12GB or more of mobile data but the monthly subscription is on the high side of S$200 and above.

But if you can't fork out S$60 per month, MyRepublic also intends to launch a more affordable plan for you. For 2GB of data, you only need to pay S$8 per month (S$6 for existing MyRepublic users) and pay S$8 per GB of excess usage. Again, the current plans from the three telcos start from S$20 at the minimum, with excess charge at S$10.70 per GB.

For now, MyRepublic's projected mobile plans look tempting but we have to caution that there's still no word on whether MyRepublic is having any success in the fourth telco bid. This could end up becoming a pipe dream for heavy data users here.

But it's still a dream that we'd like to see become reality.