Move aside, humans – robots will soon deliver room service at these Singapore hotels

At least you won’t have to tip them

According to folks in the hospitality industry, good staff are notoriously hard to find. But a couple of places here may just have found a way around that.

International hotel chain Hotel Jen has started using robots to deliver amenities and in-room dining to guests at its two Singapore hotels, the first hotel brand in Asia to do so.

From today at Hotel Jen Tanglin and Hotel Jen Orchardgateway, two 1m-tall fully autonomous robots named Jeno and Jena will navigate the elevators and hallways to carry out their duties.

While we’re not sure how fast you’ll get that extra toothbrush or toilet roll (they only travel at a safe 2.5km/hour, about half the average human’s walking speed), you no longer have to worry about getting caught half-dressed when that knock on your room door comes. And of course, who needs to tip a robot?