More storage for your smartphone: Sony reveals a double-ended, made-for-Android USB flash drive

Sony's miniature hybrid could be the answer to missing smartphone and tablet microSD slots [UPDATED: With Singapore Price]
Sony reveals a double-ended, made-for-Android USB flash drive

Sony has revealed a double-ended hybrid flash drive for Android owners.

One end is a traditional USB connector, and the other end will happily slot into an Android device's USB port, offering a quick and easy way to transfer files between Android devices and PCs, when there's no microUSB cable present.

It'll also, of course, double up as a standard flash drive, and could be useful for owners of devices like the Google Nexus 5LG G2 and HTC One, which lack microSD slots.

Load it up from your PC, stick it in your portable device, watch a movie, then put it back on your keyring – a better solution than constantly having to delete files to make room for videos, we think you'll agree.

One downside is the price: it costs S$18, S$27 and S$44 for the 8GB, 16GB and 32GB versions respectively, and you need to install Sony's custom app to make use of it. It'll be available to snap up from 23 December 2013 at all Sony stores and authorised outlets. For similar functionality, you could just buy a USB OTG cable for a couple of quid and add a normal flash drive - although that's not such an elegant solution.

Not the first...

Sony reveals a double-ended, made-for-Android USB flash drive

Sony isn't the first to enter the Android USB flash drive game, nor is it the last.

PKparis' PK K'2 is a similar double-ended hybrid flash drive which has the added bonus of having a built-in microSD slot too and is available to pre-order from here today, starting from €30 (S$52) for the 16GB model.