Mophie’s Juice Pack is an iPhone’s much needed energy drink

Dying batteries need not fear for Mophie is here

What’s an iPhone owner’s worst nightmare?

You got it, running out of battery. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are great phones. But what’s not so great is how quickly they seem to run out of battery. And that crippling sense of dread that creeps up upon us when we’re at 20% is not something we ever want to experience again.

Sure, portable battery packs exist, but they can prove to be quite a handful, what with the charging cable needing to be attached and all, like a ball and chain, really. Mophie’s simple solution to this is their multitasking Juice Packs - cases that would protect and charge your iPhone at the same time.

Three packs in a pod

If you have an iPhone 6, choose between the Juice Pack Air (S$139) or Juice Pack Plus (S$169). The former has its inside corners padded with rubber to protect your iPhone from occasional drops, but if you’re a sight more careless than that, the Juice Pack Plus is for you. It’s got bumpers to absorb shock from the worst of drops, ideal if you’re really tall and clumsy to boot.

And if you’re running dry, the Juice Pack Air will juice up your iPhone 6 with one full charge while the Juice Pack Plus offers a wee bit more at 120%. 

For the iPhone 6 Plus owners, the Juice Pack (S$139) should more than suffice. It protects and boosts battery by another 60% so you won't have to go in search for a power outlet, when you've got the charging action wrapped around your iPhone. 

Bonus! To celebrate Mophie’s 10th anniversary, get an extra 10% discount off their regular price from 1 to 31 May only. You can find them at Takashimaya S.C., EpiCentre, Elush iStudio, EpiLife, Challenger, Infinite, and Digivue.