Monopoly wants the internet to vote for new tokens that include emoji and sliced bread

If it ain’t broke, let the internet decide anyway

It’s 2017 and the way to do things is to let the internet be the judge of everything. Because nothing has ever gone wrong this way. (coughBoatyMcBoatfacecough)

To let the public make the call on the 8 great icons to hold court in the next edition of the classic boardgame, Hasbro has set up Monopoly Token Madness to host the votes from 10 to 31 January. You move around the virtual room and click on the tokens to cast your vote. There are 64 tokens in the running and you get to choose the 8 that will be the centre of all future family fights.

Hasbro is right about one thing, it really is madness.

We’ve already lost the magnificent iron to a cat in 2012, please don’t take the top hat or little Scottie dog away. Admittedly, some of these look pretty cool (we’re all for the T-Rex). But Sliced Bread? And Wireless Phone? The image isn’t even up to date.

We’d prefer them as add-ons instead of replacements. Let’s not go down in history as “poor choices” by making the kissy face emoji a Monopoly token. Your vote matters more than ever.