Microsoft's Color Binoculars will let the colour blind see the world differently

You can finally trust your colour blind dad to pick out his own sweaters

It can sometimes be hilarious talking to a colour blind person and arguing over what colour is what.

Microsoft will now help the colour blind better distinguish between colours, making life just a bit better for them via the Color Binoculars app

A different perception

How does colour blindness work? Affecting about 2.7 million people or 4.5 per cent of the global population (according to non-profit company Colour Blind Awareness), colour blindness doesn't mean being unable to see colour at all. It means someone is unable to differentiate between certain colours, due to being less able to see either/or red, green or blue light.

What the Color Binoculars does is that it replaces diificult colour combinations with more discernible ones. Red and green for instance can be a tricky combo for the colour blind to differentiate, so the app changes it to pink and green.

The app supports three common forms of colour blindness, and the filter can be turned off and on to compare the difference.

Color Binoculars is downloadable from the App Store for free, no word though if an Android version will make an appearance. This will certainly be a help to colour blind people, even if the rest of us don't quite appreciate it.

[Source: Microsoft]