The MDR-Z7 headphone is Sony's love letter to audiophiles

If you’re in the pursuit for high-quality sound, the Sony MDR-Z7 might just do the trick
The MDR-Z7 headphone is Sony's love letter to audiophiles

From dubstep to disco – pick your music style and groove to the tune on Sony’s flagship high-resolution audio headset, the Sony MDR-Z7. It’s got class, it’s got style, and most importantly, it’s got high-resolution audio.

And why would you want to have a pair of headphones that boasts high-resolution audio? Because it brings you closer to the spirit and soul of the artiste’s performance and sounds just as it would with them on stage or in the recording studio. It’s high-res imaging, but only for your ears.

What’s so different about this set of headphones from the rest of Sony’s range is its 70mm HD driver unit that completely covers your ear (read: massive ear cups) so you get to hear all of the deep lows and limpid highs.

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It also envelopes a range of frequencies (it apparently picks up to 100,000Hz), so you’ll be able to make out the super-lows and super-highs in greater detail. Sony mentioned that it also aims to allow a 3D listening experience.

Its looks don’t disappoint either. Because it’s got large ear cups, they’re supported by pressure-relieving ear cushions so you can be sure you’re going to get maximum wear comfort even if they’re on for extended periods of time.

The headset will be available in black only from all Sony stores and authorised resellers from mid-October. Sony has yet to announce the exact date it goes on sale nor indicated its price. We’ll update the story as soon as we get the details.

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