These maps make it easy to track the spread of Zika cases in Singapore

A visual overview of the Zika situation might be the most useful thing right now

Looking uncomfortably similar to Pokemon-tracking map apps are these maps that track known Zika clusters.

As of Thursday, the number of locally transmitted Zika cases currently stands at 151. Malaysia has also just confirmed its first case of infection - a woman who recently returned from Singapore.

Given the situation, it might be hard to keep track of the areas that have been affected. Thankfully, a saintly someone has created this digital map, via Google Maps, to pinpoint the clusters with the public information available. You can zoom in to get a closer look at the areas affected or click on the mozzie icons to get more information about the case at large. 

There's also another heatmap that has recently added Zika case tracking (as flagged by ominous looking mosquito icons) to its map of dengue cases in Singapore. While it might draw the dengue data from NEA, its plotting of Zika points on the map is via information from the media. 

It might be impossible to outrun mosquitos, but at least these maps tell you which areas to avoid or douse yourself in mosquito repellent before you set foot in them.

Want to get a closer look for yourself? While we'd still recommend keeping an eye on the local news sites to get the most up-to-date information, the map is embedded below if you'd like an overview of where the cases have originated from. You can also access the other heatmap here.