Man tattoos Razer CEO's face on leg, gets Razer Phone for free

Don't try this at home

How far are you willing to go to snag a hard-to-get phone that you really, really want? Probably not as far as Matt C.

The desperate dude messaged Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan on Facebook, saying: "Can I tattoo your face on me in exchange for a Razer Phone?" To which Tan replied: "Lol sure - permanent tattoo and I'll be sure to sign the box when it's out!"

Today, Tan shared a photo of Matt's ink - a massive, rather artistic tattoo of the Razer founder in his trademark sunglasses across the calf - with the caption: "Congrats Matt - well played."

Looks like Matt will be receiving his signed Razer Phone set soon. What will Razer fans offer up next? Well, there was that one message to Tan from Twitter user @jantzzzzz that said: "I guess I can live with one testicle"...