Malaysian says his Galaxy Note 7 phone burned up in his car

Please power down your phone and return it

A Malaysian man just reported what might be the first case of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catching fire in the region.

Robson Ng wrote in a Facebook status (since taken down) that his phone started overheating and eventually combusted at 4am this morning.

UPDATE 17/10/2016: Samsung Malaysia has confirmed that the unit involved was a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and has met with Ng on taking further action. A screenshot of Ng's original post as taken by Soyacincau is embedded below.

Additional text by Elissa Loi

Recall unit faulty

Ng said that his phone was a replacement unit issued after the first recall. He claims that when he called up Samsung Malaysia's hotline to enquire further, he was only told that he would be able to replace his smartphone on Wednesday but not that he should power his phone.

He says that he was also charging the phone via the charger he had used with previous Samsung phones he had owned.

From the photos, it seems that the phone really is a Galaxy Note 7 and it seems pretty burnt up. Ng says that it even has the indicator light that shows that it is a new unit issued after the first recall and not one from the problematic batch.

While there haven't been reports of any Note 7s burning up in Singapore, this incident shows that it's best to heed Samsung's advice. Take no chances; power it down right now and return it

The phone has already been banned from many major airlines including Singapore Airlines. You will be prevented from boarding if you have one on you when taking a flight, so there's really no use hanging on to it. For more information, stay tuned to Samsung Singapore's Facebook page