Make your home smarter with the Almond router

Your future home could become the home of the future

You think a router is only good for putting you on the internet and doing all sorts of shenanigans online. But Securifi has other plans for you with its Almond router.

For one, it has the looks to pass off as something you’ll use to control the home of the future, complete with a touchscreen to access the various controls connected to the Almond router.

That’s right, the router acts as the central hub that talks to your smart home. But more than that, it’s the conduit that lets your smartphone communicate with your home via the Wi-Fi network.

So imagine this, the router knows you’re home once the smartphone is connected to the Wi-Fi network. The door is unlocked. Pre-programmed lights switch on because the router tells it so since it detects your smartphone in the vicinity. You enter the house, tap a switch on the app to switch off the previous light and trigger the next light to be on.

All that is made possible with a range of sensors that communicate with the Almond router. This includes motion detectors, door/window sensors that warn you when you left them open, and even programmable remotes to unlock your house.

Homeowners can also link the Almond routers with existing smart devices such as the Philips Hue smart lightbulbs and Nest thermostats. So that’s not a total loss if you want one router to rule them all, and with one app, to control your smart home.

Setting up is meant to be easy with the setup wizard. But rather than sticking to recommended rules, you can create a set of instructions that triggers with one tap. Like exiting a room could trigger the rule to switch off the lights, air-conditioning and check if the windows are closed.

Investing some money to create your very own smart home also doesn’t cost a bomb. The Almond router starts from S$111.90, while the mid-range Almond 2015 costs S$139.90 and the Almond+ goes up to S$349.90. To complete the smart home setup, you’ll also need to invest in motion detectors (S$55.90), Zigbee door/window sensors (S$41.90) and programmable remotes (S$27.90).

If you want to start your smart home project, these are all available at Challenger and Courts stores.