This made in Singapore Aftershock PC desktop could be your next Steam machine

We only stole a glimpse at the chassis at the gaming laptop maker’s first mainstream, fully customisable and possibly Steam OS ready desktop
This made in Singapore Aftershock PC desktop could be your next Steam machine

It’s still a bare skeleton, but by next month, this desktop chassis will be affixed with Aftershock PC’s logo, skinned to your liking and stuffed with all the essential components that’ll run your latest games.

The Singapore gaming laptop maker has made desktop systems before, but they were created on an adhoc basis, said Aftershock PC’s marketing director Joe Wee. “We were mostly building it for corporate customers who needed the desktop systems,” said Joe, who runs the company with his co-founder and brother Marcus Wee.

But a trip to this year’s Computex gave the brothers the necessary nudge to embark on its first desktop system, which will be launched by next month. The deciding factor? A chassis that lets you load the components horizontally, rather than an awkward vertical position with the system laid flat on the side for installation. “Since it opens from the top, it’s much easier to customise the system for users,” said Marcus.

While the specs for these made in Singapore desktop gaming systems haven’t been finalised, the brothers confirm that it'll run on at least an Intel Core i5 processor and the starter system could be powered by an Nvidia GTX760 graphics card. In non-technical terms, it’ll definitely be capable of running games at full HD resolution and have decent performance on mid-range graphics settings.

Getting all steamed up for Steam OS

This made in Singapore Aftershock PC desktop could be your next Steam machine

The desktop system is also a gamer’s entry into Steam OS, since Joe doesn’t rule out the possibility of Aftershock PC installing Valve’s free operating system based on customer request.

But for its existing gaming laptops, that’s very unlikely. “Customers who pay more than S$1500 for their laptops would rather have Windows 8 than Steam OS that’s built solely for gaming,” said Joe.

That said, the desktop system can be bundled with Windows, or customers can bring their existing OS to Aftershock PC’s service centres for installation. The system doesn’t include a standard keyboard or mouse, though Marcus mentioned that it’s working with distributors to provide those as an add-on option for customers.

More importantly, the price will be more affordable, compared to most other dedicated gaming rigs. “What most users don’t understand is that you don’t need powerful graphics to play the latest games. We are giving them the option to tweak the settings,” said Joe. The exact pricing hasn’t been revealed just yet, but Joe mentioned that it’ll be comparable to current-gen Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

The desktop system will be available in Septembe once the dust has settled at Comex 2014.

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