M1 users can now (theoretically) get 300Mbps download speeds anywhere in Singapore

UPDATED 6/12/14: By the end of this month, Starhub's 4G customers with compatible devices will be able to enjoy this peak speed in certain areas
M1 users can now (theoretically) get 300Mbps download speeds anywhere in Singapo

In the need for (Internet) speed, faster is always better. And that’s what M1 has done - bumping up your mobile network speed to a blink-and-you'll-miss-it 300Mbps.

While it isn't the first to deploy a 300Mbps 4G network (SingTel took that claim), M1 bravely announced it's the first to do a nationwide deployment.  Thus, existing and new mobile customers that own Long Term Evolution-Advanced (LTE-A) enabled mobile devices will enjoy faster download speeds. Anywhere in Singapore.

So that applies to you if you own a Huawei Ascend Mate 7, LG G3, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, Samsung Galaxy Alpha 4G+ or a Samsung Galaxy S5 4G+.

And by faster, M1 says you’ll be able to experience download speeds that double to “up to 300Mbps”. Imagine that, it halves the time it takes you to download Instagram videos or receive your Facebook newsfeed.

But, we’ve got to be realistic about our expectations. According to M1, while the network can serve 300Mbps download speed, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get the service at that limit all day long. The telco claimed the average download speed for the new service will be “between 43 to 115Mbps”.

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However, it is an upgrade from what we got. In 2012, M1 launched South East Asia’s first nationwide 4G network with download speeds of up to 75Mbps, then further enhanced the network download speeds nationwide to 150Mbps earlier this year (meaning the range was much less than the capped speeds).

“We continually invest in our networks to ensure our customers consistently enjoy a better experience with us,” M1 chief operating officer, Patrick Scodeller, said.

Oh, and did we fail to mention that M1 customers will be able to enjoy these speeds at no additional charges? That’s value for money, we reckon. 

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Starhub's response

UPDATED 6/12/14: By the end of this month, Starhub's 4G customers with compatible devices will be able to enjoy peak speeds of 300Mbps on its 4G LTE-Advanced network in the Central Business District as well as in key retail hubs, such as Ang Mo Kio, Bedok, Bishan, Jurong East, Orchard, Serangoon, Tampines and Woodlands, among others; the company said in a statement.  It also added that it will be working on network upgrading works for its customers, and the speed boost to 300Mbps can be expected to be available nationwide next year, when 4G LTE-Advanced phone models become mainstream.​​