M1 subscribers, here’s what the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will cost you

Join the queue today to get your hands on the fab phablet

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 fans have been waiting for this day, since the phablet was announced, well, the night before.

Let’s just get right into it. Here’s what you will need to fork out for the phablet if you’re on board the M1 train.

The 32GB Galaxy Note 5 rings in at S$378 while the 64GB version is S$478 for the S$61 a month Reg plan which includes 300 minutes of talk time, 1200 SMS/MMS, and 4GB of data.

If you’re in need of more data, you can choose the S$81 Reg+ plan that will give you 5GB, 400 minutes of talk time, and 1500 SMS/MMS. And the phones will cost you a little less: S$238 for the 32GB Galaxy Note 5 and S$338 for the 64GB flavour.

Of course, these two plans are not all that M1 is offering, if it’s the 32GB you’re after, check out the other price plans here. You can also find price plans for the 64GB phablet here.

You also get S$50 off on ‘8858’ numbers, and a free Fast Wireless Charging Pad and Clear Cover worth S$146 while stocks last. So scurry down now.