M1 launches super affordable prepaid roaming plans with the M Card

Stay connected on your travels for cheap

Globetrotters listen up, there’s a new way to surf when out of town and it’s one of the cheapest we’ve come across.

We all know data is easily the most important thing for our smartphones these days, and the new prepaid plan will give you a very decent 2GB of data for 10 days — which is more than enough for googling restaurants, sending emails and getting your social media fix.

But sometimes, you just have to make a call while overseas. The new plan has you covered and also comes bundled with 10 mins of call time, both incoming and outgoing, which could be really useful in emergencies.

The prepaid plans cost S$15 and S$28 depending on your destination, and are usable across 12 and 17 countries including Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand and the United States — the widest selection of destinations of any prepaid roaming plan currently.

The 2GB data and 10 voice minutes are valid for 10 days from the activation date, and you can activate the plan here.

If you’re looking for alternative roaming options, check out M1’s Data Passport too, which allows you to use the existing data in your current mobile contract while overseas.