M1 launches an app that lets you easily remit money across Asia

Anywhere, anytime and no queues to boot

M1 just made life easier by removing the hassle from transferring money overseas.

The new digital mobile remittance service, M1 Remit, lets you transfer funds securely to designated recipients based on real time exchange rates.

Instead of having to make a physical trip down to the outlet and dealing with the endless queues (there is always a queue for these things), now you can just fire up the app or open the page in a browser and get it done instantly.

Unlike typical remittance services that require you to physically deposit your payments, M1 Remit transactions can be done using an ATM card at AXS machines islandwide. Cash payments are also accepted at M1 outlets at Paragon and IMM, after completing a one-time verification process.

Cashing out with M1 Remit is a breeze and can be done within an hour of the transaction from a huge network of 23,000 cash agents and 640 banks across the destination countries.

Customers can currently transfer funds to Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and the Philippines, with other destinations including Thailand and Vietnam soon to join the lineup.

As a launch bonus, remittance fees to these destinations is currently being waived so now’s the time to try the service. After all, you don’t even need to get off the couch.

Download M1 Remit for iOS or Android