M1 joins data price wars with generous Upsized Data offerings

For a monthly flat fee of S$5.90, you can add up to 12GB data to your plan

Depending on the M1 plan they’re on, subscribers get data add-ons starting from 2GB up to 12GB with the new Upsized Data option.

But whether you’re on the S$42 i-Lite+/Lite+ plan or the S$228 i-Max+/Max+, you only have to pay an additional S$5.90 a month to get extra data, of which the amount of GB is fixed to the respective tier you’re on.

That means if you’re on the i-Lite+/Lite+ plan, you get a fixed extra 2GB for your S$5.90. And if you’re on the i-Reg+/Reg plan, you get a fixed extra scoop of 5GB for your S$5.90.

Want more data than that? You’ll have to add on certain amounts of data with M1's Data+, but the returns will diminish so it might make more sense to upgrade your plan and opt for Upsized Data. Unfortunately, the Upsized Data offer is only open to new and recontracting M1 customers.

Don’t despair though, you can check if it’s time for recontracting here.


Data democracy

M1's offer comes hot on the heels of Singtel's similarly priced S$5.90 DataX2 service, so you can expect a certain telco that rhymes with CharTub to respond in kind.

But we guess we can safely say that the days of being overcharged for data are a thing of the past. Stream everything!