Love pets? Try Petfie, a social media app for you and, well, your pets

Think along the lines of a selfie, but for your pets
Love pets? Here’s the Petfie app for you

Your pet’s cute and you’ve got to share that cuteness overload with other people, we get it and so does Petfie. What’s that you ask? It’s an app that lets you share pictures of the likes of your shih tsu or ragdoll kitten. 

This photo-sharing app has just launched in Singapore, and is made specifically for animal lovers, activists, and pet owners.

Claimed to be a first of its kind of such an app, Petfie founder Jerome Chan said he wants the app to be an avenue where animal lovers, pet owners, and all other animal-related organisations can come together.

"I hope that by building a tight nestled community of pet owners and animal lovers, individuals, organisations and businesses, they can share photos and tips of their favourite animals, to seek community support and to advocate animal welfare," he mentioned.

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There's already a partnership

Love pets? Here’s the Petfie app for you

The first to step up to partner with Petfie is the Cat Welfare Society (CWS) of Singapore. It'll use the app to relaunch its revamped ‘Stray Cat Sterilisation Programme’ (SCSP), where people can identify cats that need sterilisation under the pet profiles or community animal profiles section of the app.

CWS and Petfie are also in the midst of a campaign that seeks to get the total count of cats in Singapore. 

But, there’s one catch – the app will only be available for iOS (for now at least). The Android app as well as a web version will be made available towards the end of this year.

Now, we’re just wondering what’ll happen if you actually put up a picture of yourselves.

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