The Lord of the Rings card game might be your new digital cardgame fix

The game will soon be available on Steam Early Access

It's been a great year for boardgames and digital translations of boardgames. Fantasy Flight, who makes tabletop boardgames, has now gone into digital with its first game going to Steam's Early Access based on the Lord of the Rings franchise.

Not a money sink

What's the big deal about this digital cardgame? It's based on a popular model of tabletop cardgame, called the Living Card Game. No more spending money on random card packs, hoping you'll get what you want. Instead, the card pack contents are fixed with base sets and expansions made available for purchase, with new content delivered by card packs that have set card lists - no surprises here.

Lord of the Rings is more about the narrative: you can have a two-player co-op experience instead of competing against players. Or you could just quest alone, if that's more you thing.

Your goal is to head through the quests, battling the evil forces of Sauron. Starting out you'll get four heroes, Aragorn, Arwen, Frodo and Gimli and 42 player cards to create your starting player decks.

It's an interesting premise, and certainly a nice change from the current landscape dominated online by Hearthstone. So if playing cards and getting immersed in the Lord of the Rings universe appeals to you, wait for this to be out on Steam soon.

[Source: Venturebeat]