Look out for our biggest magazine ever

Stuff Singapore relaunches in style with 228 pages of gadgety goodness
Stuff January Issue

Due to hit newsstands on Dec 10, our January issue isn’t just the biggest magazine we’ve ever done, it’s also the start of a whole new Stuff Singapore.

Now run by the same good sirs who publish Stuff in the UK, the magazine promises to bring you even more Singapore content for your entertainment. It’s a great time to be a Stuff fan, and here’s why...

Singapore Has Spoken

Singapore Readers' Choice Awards 2013

And your voices were heard in choosing the very best technology of 2013. We got over 20,000 votes during the three-week voting period for our Singapore Readers’ Choice Awards 2013, making it our most successful campaign to date. We couldn’t have done it without your help, and you can see your chosen winners in all their glory when we unveil the results in this month’s Cover Story. 

Higher form of Gaming

Xbox One vs PS4

Next-gen consoles have finally arrived, and both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (well, next year anyway) are tugging hard at your purse strings. Which one should you buy? Which is better? We answer all those questions and more in our 10-page Gaming Special. First blood has been drawn in the upcoming console war, and we can't wait for the battle to play out...

Stuff Home

Stuff Home

We can’t help you turn your home into Stark Mansion — unless you’ve a couple billion dollars lying around — but we can help you make it Stuff-worthy with our 64-page Home supplement. Filled with the best technology to make your domestic life easier, you’ll be throwing house parties every weekend to show off all the things your humble abode can do. 

And that’s not all

We've also got the results of our very glamourous global Stuff 2013 Gadget Awards, a First Test of the all-new Google Nexus 5, a Supertest to find the very best full-sized 10-inch tablet, and much more. In fact, you’ll probably need all the time you can get to cover all that we've got in store for you, so grab a copy early!