Logitech gamepad for iOS 7 spotted in the wild

The flood begins... here's the first snap of hardware compatible with iOS 7's new Game Controller API


Last week at WWDC 2013 we found out about iOS7's new Game Controller API that paves the way for a slew of official 'made for iPhone' game physical game controller accessories.

So we know the API is coming, but we've not seen any hardware – until now. Kotaku has unearthed a snap of what appears to be a new gamepad for iOS 7 and the iPhone 5, emblazoned with Logitech's G series gaming hardware logo.

A Lightning connector can clearly be seen, and the controller features five buttons and a what could be either a basic D-pad or (hopefully) a more precise analogue stick. Previously analogue gamepad control has been impossible with iOS devices.

It's the first official-looking controller we've seen, but we expect to see many more in the lead-up to iOS 7's launch in the autumn.

Kotaku via Engadget