Loewe introduces 85-inch UHD Reference monster

Go big and stay home

If you’re looking at that empty wall in your McMansion and wondering just how you can fill it up, you might want to consider the Loewe Reference 85.

The latest telly from the German brand utilises Image+ Active technology to give viewers lifelike images and incredible colour. No UHD content? The Reference 85 will still upscale your 1920p Full HD content to make the most of its 3840p UHD display. 

Worried about the viewing angle? Engage the Rotate TV feature and watch the screen spin on its axis, or rather, the motorised rotatable stand. 

The Reference comes with an integrated soundbar that produces an aural experience that’s a perfect balance between power and width of the television itself.

But if the S$33,999 85-inch is way more screen than your shoebox apartment can fit (and more money than you can afford), the Reference also comes in 55-inch and 75-inch variants, costing S$8,999 and S$19,999 respectively. Experience it for yourself at the Atlas Winstedt showroom.