LINE has free animated stickers to celebrate National Day

Get ready to show your patriotism with sticker spam

Let’s be real. Stickers are probably the only reason anyone uses LINE.

But hey, that doesn’t mean it’s a lousy app. On the contrary, those colourful, expressive and super dramatic stickers are why we’re hopelessly hooked on the messaging service. Try having a 20-minute sticker-only conversation with a friend sometime and see if you don’t get flat-out addicted.

And of course they’ve taken this winning formula and created some new stickers to commemorate National Day. From 26 July to 25 September, LINE users in Singapore get to download a ridiculously cute free animated pack that features the crew (Brown, Cony and Sally) playing soccer, using singlish, drinking teh tarik and driving through the ERP gantry – because nothing says ‘Singapore’ like an ERP gantry.

As an added bonus, if you’re one of the first 51 users to chat with these stickers on 26 July, you’ll win a pair of these limited edition LINE Singapore EZ-link cards. Steady lah!