LG’s new AKA smartphones are bizarrely cute creatures

They could almost pass off as robots with their moving eyes and “personalities”
LG’s new AKA smartphones are bizarrely cute creatures

Meet Yoyo, Soul, Wooky and Eggy; and no, don’t be confused that we at Stuff are showing off a bunch of pets we’ve just adopted. They’re the names of LG’s new AKA smartphone range (yes, each individual one is named).

If you’re puzzled why and haven’t already figured it out from looking at the picture above, it’s because this new line-up is more than just a bunch of smartphones. They’re almost robots with their moving eyes and “personalities” (which we find uncanny but who are we to judge).

A set of blinking and moving eyes are embedded on to the back of each of the four phones’ displays, that correspond with the character’s persona. By the looks of it, Eggy is the yellow one with almost angry eyes, Wooky’s the white one with dopey ones, Soul’s the navy blue one with the most normal eyes and Yoyo’s the pink device with eyes are almost borderline seductive.  

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One for all types of personalities

And if you get bored of the “personality” of the phone after getting it, you can purchase a different case to feature another one of the characters instead. Or get all four cases and alternate between them depending on your mood.

If you’re one that goes beyond just looks, you probably will want to know its specs too. The 5in smartphone has an 8MP rear-facing snapper, a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, and runs on Android 4.4 KitKat, amongst other features.

LG’s AKA smartphones are currently only available in Korea for now, although the company has not made an announcement that it’ll only be exclusively sold in the country. If you can’t wait for a confirmation from LG, maybe it’s a compelling reason for you to take a trip down to Korea to get one.

Oh, and they don’t come cheap too – be prepared to fork out about US$456 (S$590) for one. 

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[Source: Mashable]