LG's latest webOS smart TVs make a new friend - Spotify

The music streaming service is now available on LG's smart TVs, but only if you're a Spotify premium user
LG's latest webOS smart TVs make a new friend - Spotify

You’ve got Spotify on your smartphone and tablet but just wished you’ve got the music streaming service on your LG Smart TV too? Done.

Spotify and LG Electronics have partnered to introduce the music service as an application on its webOS Smart TV Platform. The caveat? This is for Spotify Premium users only, allowing them to enjoy uninterrupted music (read: without any ads) with the service synching across all your devices, including your LG Smart TV.

This also makes it easier for you to access the some 20 million tracks from its massive music library, in addition to artist pages, browsing playlists, and discovering the latest releases from today’s artists.

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And if you’re just a LG Smart TV user with interest in this, there’s a deal for you too. Just create an account with Spotify and it’ll give you a complimentary Spotify Premium trial upon login for 30 days.

But if you do intend to continue using the service, you’ll have to fork out S$9.90 monthly for Spotify Premium after the trial ends.

This deal with LG puts Spotify ahead of its competition, such as Rdio, Google, and Apple, as it enforces its support of three major TV makers – including Samsung and Philips that it’s already launched apps for.

We heard you - is this feature available for Singapore? Yes, it's one of two countries in Asia (the other being Taiwan) that will get the Spotify Smart TV app. So go forth and sign up for that free trial on your LG TV.

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