LG V30: Everything we know so far

LG's second stab at a slim-bezel smartphone is looking mighty fine ahead of launch

LG used to try and keep all its announcements under wraps, a la Apple, Samsung and the rest, but in an internet-connected, @EVleaks filled world, that's practically impossible.

So ahead of its next big reveal, the company has embraced it - drip-feeding us with hints and clues about what to expect. That means we've got a really good idea what the upcoming V30 will be like.

There could still be a few surprises, though, so we've gathered all the facts, plus a whole heap of rumour and speculation, so you've got everything you need to decide if you'll be picking one up come launch day.

When will the LG V30 be out?

The V30 will almost certainly be revealed at the IFA tech show in Berlin, which kicks off over the last few days of August. LG is holding a press conference on the 31st at 9am, and has basically confirmed the V30 will be appearing, with invites to journalists mentioning the phone specifically.

So far, only Korea seems a lock for the phone, with a release date pencilled in for the 15th of September.

It should then go on general sale later in the month, potentially on the 28th, although with Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 and the iPhone 88 both expected to arrive in September too, LG might decide to wait it out and go later in other parts of the world, to avoid direct competition. 

Fact or fiction?

No trouble working this one out - LG has confirmed the date of its IFA press conference, and all but spelt out the fact that the V30 will launch there. Fact.

When it goes on sale, though, and whether it'll be available in the UK? That remains to be seen. The V20 didn't ever make it to Blighty, but seeing how the G6 hasn't exactly made the splash LG probably wanted it to, we're guessing we might be getting the V30 after all.