LG launches super sleek Signature line in Singapore

These masterpieces combine both art and technology for a quality living experience.

Want home appliances worthy of Tony Stark's man cave? Meet the LG Signature line of products - LG’s ultra premium brand.

The products are a fusion of sophisticated technology and modern minimalist design. It’s introducing four “masterpieces” that are truly a sight to behold. Beyond its artistic appeal, what we love about it is how it’s really considered daily application and functionality to benefit our living experience. Get ready, because you’ll never look at your current home appliances the same way again.


The mesmerising LG Signature OLED TV, or the Wallpaper TV, was the most eye-catching thing at the event. It won’t cast a trace of a shadow on the wall thanks to its 2.57mm width, acting just like a window to another dimension. LG has even created a gallery mode, so that users can display art (and even weather through a virtual window) when they aren’t watching shows on its stunning 4K display. The TV itself is as minimalistic as it gets – a pure screen without buttons or speakers, but it's coupled with the Dolby Atmos sound bar, which will fill the entire room with rich sounds to complement the viewing experience. 

LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator ($10,888)

You’ve halfway into cooking and you need to grab something out of the fridge but you really don’t want to open it with your sticky hands. LG's thought it all through with its feature-packed refrigerator, which includes a new Auto Open Door feature, activated when the users foot is placed at the bottom of the refrigerator. Genius.

LG’s Door-in-Door design makes a return, improved with a new InstaView feature, which allows you to peer inside the refrigerator with two quick locks on the door. It’s no mere gimmick, as this offers significant energy savings by limiting cold air loss. Aesthetically, this is one of the best-looking refrigerators we’ve seen, with an artisan-designed platinum finish on the exterior, and LED lightings on the inside to give a pristine look. It’s almost as if your food will try to last a bit longer to remain in this beautiful refrigerator.