LG launches the extraordinarily slim W7 OLED TV

Plus a bunch of other home entertainment goodies

Imagine a TV that’s literally the width of two S$1 coins.

So thin you’d have to double take to make sure it isn’t a painting, LG’s Signature W7 OLED TV somehow manages to pack brilliant OLED technology into a mind-bendingly thin package. If you have trouble wrapping your head around that, behold:

While aesthetically gorgeous on the outside, the W7’s screen also packs a punch with pixel dimming control technology, which renders perfect black without any light leakage, leading to limitless contrast ratio and an expanded colour gamut. This results in cinematic color and lifelike images.

It offers Dolby Atmos audio and leverages HDR technology which renders brighter scenes and greater shadow detail to elevate your home viewing experience. The W7 is also LG webOS 3.5 equipped, with new enhancements that let you instantly access Netflix and Amazon, tap into a wide variety of 4K programming, and access information on your shows — all with the press of a single button.

The 65in LG W7 OLED TV is available in May, and will cost S$12,888.

Sound Matters

Designed to be minimalist and sleek, the W7’s best mate is LG’s new SJ9 Dolby Atmos soundbar, which is equipped with multiple speakers to envelop the listener from every angle, creating realistic sound for a more immersive experience.

The SJ9 comes with 4K Sound and is compatible with high-quality lossless audio files to recreate the sound recorded in the original studio. It will be available in May.

Hey remember this levitating speaker from CES? Well the trippy PJ9 features a turbine blade design that allows sound to resonate 360-degrees, and has IPX7 waterproof rating and a subwoofer that doubles up as a Levitation Station — enabling the speaker to suspend and rotate in midair. The PJ9 will also be available here in May.