LG bends the rules with curved OLED TV

As the first curved telly in Singapore, the LG 55EA9800 looks set to reshape the future of channel surfing
LG bends the rules with curved OLED TV

After all that tech buzz about bendy screens that will make yoga teachers proud, LG is the first to deliver on its promise with its curvaceous LG 55EA9800, albeit with a princely sum: $14,999. Ouch.

So the million dollar (well, technically, nearly $15,000) question is, why would you want a curved TV? For one, there is an increased field of view which means you can cram more friends into your Breaking Bad TV marathon (PS: if you haven't seen Breaking Bad, do yourself a favour and watch it. Now.) and still have everyone get a view of the action. Those luscious curves will be adored by 3D fans as it delivers an immersive viewing experience too.

As for sound, LG's got that covered with their front-facing Clear Speakers, cleverly hidden in its Crystal Stand to keep up appearances.

But enough of that techy talk, let’s address the superficial. So beautiful is the 55in, 4.3mm-slim OLED TV, it clinched a Red Dot award. And why shouldn't LG get the well-deserved praise - it has recently helped Suntec City score a Guinness World Record. However, if you're afflicted with slight obsessive compulsive disorder, be prepared to construct curved walls in your future home to match this quirky-shaped TV.

Tempted to get one? Pay attention to this next piece of information: the bendy TV is available only at these stores and there are only currently 10 sets available for pre-order. The number dwindles as you dawdle.