Lenovo wooing Ashton Kutcher?

The 'That 70's Show' star could be selling you on Lenovo laptops, never mind he looks like Steve Jobs

Your mind might implode if you see Ashton Kutcher endorsing a Windows laptop. After all, the thespian is portraying Steve Jobs due to his uncanny resemblance to Apple’s late co-founder.

A report from The New York Post indicates that Kutcher is set to sign a US$10 million dollar endorsement deal with PC maker Lenovo. It would be ironic if Kutcher wears Job’s signature turtleneck tops and appears in future Lenovo ads.

GeekWire also noticed that the trailer, which features music from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, was also used by Microsoft in its ads.


Jobs, which focuses on the rise of Apple’s co-founder, is the first of two biopics, directed by Joshua Michael Stern. The movie is set to be released in the US on August 16th, starring James Woods, Matthew Modine and J.K. Simmons.

The second untitled biopic will be written by Aaron Sorkin, known for his work on The West Wing and The Social Network. Early reports indicate that the second Jobs-related movie will feature three 30-minute sections, based on Apple’s product launches over the years.

[Source: The New York Post via GeekWire]