The Leica T-system enables photography at its purest form

Its timeless, sleek, and absolutely luxurious design makes you want one, if you have the cash
The Leica T camera system enables photography at its purest form

Gee, it looks so pretty... can't... resist...

You know you want to own it, just like every other Leica camera you’ve seen. It’s fashionably named ‘T’, and has looks that can kill. Its makers focused on producing a camera with an exquisite finish that, together with a portfolio of precise, high-performance lenses, offers outstanding versatility and exceptional intuitive handling. Or so it says.

Stop it, don't tell us more...

Oh no, you're going to hear us till the very end. It's so lustrous, you'll love its clean lines, smooth surfaces and formal minimalism. One word - Audi. How many other camera vendors have tapped into the intel of Audi’s design team? Third time's the charm - the German companies have also collaborated in the creation of the Leica C and Leica Titanium M9.

We're not listening! It's just the same Leica camera.. lalala

Wrong, oh so wrong. It’s the first system camera to have an integrated Wi-Fi module. Now you can wirelessly transmit pictures and videos from your camera straight to your mobile devices or PCs. And wait, there’s more. As an added incentive for Apple users, there's a free Leica T app for iOS devices.

Wait, did you say it works with iOS? This is not possible!

The Leica T camera system enables photography at its purest form

Hey, if the foremost interchangeable lens camera is constructed out of just one block of metal to display a compact and solid uni-body aluminum frame, anything goes.

We don’t believe it, where can we try it out?

Budding enthusiasts and photography lovers in Singapore, make a date with the T during a special one-day open house at the National Design Centre. You should not miss this one-day opportunity to feel, use, and check out an exhibition of images from the newest addition to the Leica family. Mark your calendars – it’s on 30 April, 10am - 4pm. 

Hit us with the price. Go on, we're prepared

Take a deep breath. Are you ready? The Leica T costs from S$4950. Not so bad, ain't it? For all those sleek features, and considering Leica cameras are on the pricier side, you might be getting yourself a good deal. It's available at Leica Stores and authorised Leica dealers from 26 May.