Leave Singapore during SG50 and you won’t enjoy these Singtel offers

Why would you, when you get free unlimited data and cashback on Dash during the National Day weekend

There are many reasons to stay in Singapore during the National Day weekend. Besides, you know, celebrating Singapore’s 50th birthday.

And it would be remiss of Singtel to skip out on the celebrations. Hence, there’s a bunch of special offers and freebies that are lined up for you during the Golden Jubilee.

First - download to your heart’s content. Spam your friends with as many images on WhatsApp and post as many photos as you like on Instagram. For not a single byte will be counted towards your local data limit between 7 to 10 August. This offer is valid for postpaid customers only, but prepaid users also get some special deals too - an extra 50% more value for hi! Top-ups.

For couch potatoes, it’s going to be a movie marathon weekend. Every single channel on Singtel TV (and that’s more than 150 channels) will be free to view for that weekend. And, 50% off video on demand movies such as Taken 3, though the list is limited to 50 chosen shows.

Then, there’s the Dash payment app. New users will get a welcome bonus of S$5 credit in their Dash account. As for existing users, you’re getting a 50% cashback when you pay through Dash. Don’t get too excited though, because it’s still capped at S$5. That kind of translates to a S$5 credit freebie when you spend sufficiently at Food Republic, grab a cup of bubble tea from Koi or take a cab between 7 to 10 August.

[Source: Singtel]