The Leagoo S9 is a cheaper iPhone X knockoff

Complete with the trademark notch at the top - just don't expect a fancy camera

It was only a matter of time before an iPhone X knockoff appeared, and first out of the gate is a version by China smartphone manufacturer Leagoo.

Cheap and cheerful

What does the Leagoo S9 have to offer? Almost all the looks of the Apple original, complete with display notch, a metal-and-glass makeup and a rear camera setup with two vertically aligned cams (albeit with an LED flash between them).

No fancy OLED screen or completely edge-to-edge display though, and the bezels are thicker. First looks show buttons on the right side, which means the SIM card tray is likely on the left.

Still, copyright issues aside, you can't expect an exact copy for a price that will surely be substantially less than the iPhone X. We expect this to be a mid-range device that you might be able to pass off as an X - from a distance.

Watch this space for word on whether it will launch outside China.

[Source: Androidheadlines]