Latest OnePlus 3 leak reveals a design that’s more about fitting in than standing out

Could this be the OnePlus 3 for real?

There have been other images circulating in the wild, but like home movies, they’re often grainy and of dubious origins. This is the clearest view that we’ve gotten of the OnePlus 3 yet.

And if it’s real, it looks like OnePlus is eschewing their usual sandstone for a full metal jacket for their third flagship device. The phone's curvy sides are reminiscent of the iPhone 6s while you would not be faulted for mistaking it for the HTC One M9 from the back thanks to those antenna lines and camera placement, if not for the unmistakeable OnePlus logo.

On the spec front, it looks like OnePlus is sticking with the USB-C port. Blass has also shared that the OnePlus 3 will be packing an “AMOLED display and 3000mAh battery”. It would be interesting to see how the AMOLED display bears on the slightly smaller battery this time around as compared to the OnePlus 2’s 3300mAh juicepack and IPS LCD display, if the leaks are genuine. 

Anyway, it's not too long now. Carl Pei has mentioned the phone can be expected around end of Q2, with rumours putting the launch in June. Until then, you can just keep guessing.