From late October, you can get a OnePlus One mobile phone through pre-order

UPDATED 12/11/14: After many glitches and errors the first time around, OnePlus will open up a second round of pre-orders on 17 November
From late October, you can get a OnePlus One mobile phone through pre-order

True fact – if you didn’t get an invite, you probably didn’t manage to score yourself the OnePlus One smartphone that was launched just a few months ago (to the disappointment of many).

But now, you may soon get yourselves one without needing an invite – the Chinese start-up‘s said to introduce a new pre-order system, that might come as soon as late October.

Thus far, the only way you would have been able to purchase the OnePlus One in Singapore is to get an invite to buy it (duh) or through resellers like Lazada or Qoo10 for a massively inflated price – don’t snigger, we know plenty of people that have done it.

This new system will work similar to Xiaomi’s “flash sale” model; OnePlus will host sales for a limited period only, and anyone will be able to place an order during this timeframe. But the only difference is that OnePlus won’t put a specific number of units to go out on sale.

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Even then, we do expect the number of Ones to be controlled, so they’ll most likely go out on a first come first serve basis. But fret not if you’ve made the order and stocks run dry. The outstanding orders will automatically be transferred as a pre-order.

If this does happen to you, OnePlus will give you a rough indication of when it will ship out your order before charging your card so you’ll be able to back out if you think it’s too long a wait.

And it’s worth noting that the invitation process won’t be phased out, so you can cut short the wait time if you’re on the pre-order list with an invite. We’re expecting squeals of delight from many.

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Second time's a charm

UPDATED 12/11/14: After many glitches and errors the first time around during its one-hour flash pre-orders, OnePlus is letting you take another shot at it. The company's opened up a second cycle of pre-orders that will commence on 17 November at 11am Eastern time. You'll be able to yet again try to nab one if the previous flash pre-order left you high and dry or if you just totally missed out on it.

But, just like the last time around, the pre-orders will only run for an hour, so you'll need to get on it quick. Here's a little tip for you - if you want to get it, enter your shipping and payment details on the OnePlus website ahead of 17 November. 

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