The Kuke case will gift your iPhone with extra battery and storage without the added bulk

Solve two problems with one convenient case

We know, we know. There are tons of battery cases out there including Apple’s very own Smart Battery Case, but Kuke isn’t quite the same.

For starters, it isn’t quite as hefty as the average overweight battery case, adding only 3.9mm to 5.2mm and 68.5g to 88g of extra phone to love on the back, depending on the iPhone model.

Aside from adding up to 70% battery life (10 hours talktime) for the iPhone 6/6s and 40% more (9 hours talktime) for the iPhone 6/6s Plus with its 2400mAh juice pack, it also offers extra storage of up to 16GB or 64GB. Via the dedicated Kuke app, you’ll be able to manage all your extra media files, or you can choose to sort through them on desktop by plugging it in. 

You don’t need to carry around any extra adaptors to charge Kuke up. it works just fine with the lightning cable. Once you get it hooked up, your iPhone’s battery will be charged before the Kuke’s own lifesource gets replenished.

To see how much battery is left in the Kuke case, press the power button and the lights will indicate energy levels. Once your iPhone's battery is in the red zone, activate Kuke by pressing and holding the power button.

Interested? Although the Indiegogo campaign has ended, all is not lost. You can get Kuke-d here for US$59 (S$85) for the 16GB flavour or US$99 (S$140) for the 64GB one.