Jump on the Internet rocketship with MyRepublic’s free 1Gbps trial today

And also get unlimited mobile data if the company succeeds in becoming the fourth local telco

MyRepublic made headlines when they first introduced Singapore to Internet speeds like we’ve never experienced before. And now they’re kicking things up a notch with their offer of a free taste of sweet speedy Internet.

Yes, we said free. Imagine a Singapore with no stuttering webpage loading, where buffering ceases to exist. Before you spontaneously combust from excitement, here’s how you should go about getting on the digital fast track.

The free trial begins today, 19 March. All you have to do is hit MyRepublic and follow the steps to sign up. Technically, you pay absolutely nothing to sign up or cancel anytime within the nearly two-month trial period ending 30 April. But, you'll have to fork out a S$50 equipment deposit if you choose to sign up. Of course, that's entirely refundable if you choose to cancel - if you can bear to.


Stay vigilant and make sure you cancel before the trial period is up if you should choose to. Otherwise, it will automatically roll into a 22-month long contract that'll cost you S$50 a month.

Wait, there's more

MyRepublic also officially announced their plans to pursue the fourth telco licence in Singapore alongside the existing SingTel, Starhub, and M1. And if they succeed, they plan to offer unlimited data plans as part of the package as they believe “10GB or 12GB data plans should not be a premium, but the norm”.

You know what this means, right? No more warning message to say that you're fast approaching your data limit and no more extra data charges.

As users who regularly bust our sad 2GB monthly data cap, we’ll be welcoming this pro-data, net-neutral change with open arms. But will we get the chance to? Stay tuned.