Jamo’s new Premium Concert speaker is more than just a pretty thing

Providing both form and function, these speakers go well with your living room setup
Jamo’s new Premium Concert speaker line provides both form and function

You walk into a store, purchase a set of speakers that give you an aural high, only to bring them home and realise that they stick out like a sore thumb in the middle of all your fancy furniture.

It doesn’t have to be that way anymore – Danish speaker builder, Jamo, has unveiled its new Premium Concert speaker line in Singapore. We can vouch that it not only provides pure, natural sound, but also has simple lines and natural textures that allow each speaker to blend seamlessly into your space.

Obviously, there was some planning that went into the make of the series – the aesthetics of it was the creation of world-renowned industrial designer, Kieron Dunk (if you’re one who appreciates interior design, the name will probably ring a bell).

Its make is of designer finishes and high quality cabinetry that include satin aluminum trim rings, polished chrome logos, as well as satin painted MDF baffles. Looks aside, its acoustics focus on sonic simplicity.

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audio quality

Jamo’s new Premium Concert speaker line provides both form and function

There’s no drama to the series when it comes to sound – they’re tuned to give you open, transparent playback of movies and music and create warm, natural sounds throughout the environment.

If you’re after tech specs, it features hybrid composition comical cones, long displacement surround on its woofers and mid-range drivers, anti-diffraction waveguide technology, and tweeter distortion reduction on its silk dome tweeter diaphragms.

The Premium Concert speaker line will soon come in two series (no specific date has been set yet) – the C10 series (available in high gloss black, high gloss white, and real walnut veneer) and the C9 series (available in satin black, satin white, and dark apple).

Each speaker in the range is priced separately and their price ranges from S$400 to S$2200 each.

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